5 Ways of Parenting a Green Baby

New babies bring many changes to families. Cleaner house, better nutrition, and go green can be an addition to your life when baby arrive. Considering today’s ecological situation and environment, go green might be the future of our planet and lives of our children. That is why there is a growing tendency of raising green babies, and at the same time improving your family health and lifestyle .

Raising an eco-friendly kid is safe for the kid’s health and reduces a negative impact on the environment. That’s a great start for parents. And some time later, when your green babyis a teenager or an adult, he/she will definitely continue living green, as it will be not only a usual habit from the childhood, but also a good way of life.

Way #1 Nurse agreen baby

Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of the greenest and most beneficial choices for raising a green baby. Breastfeeding is organic, eco-friendly, free from waste and excess supplies, and most healthy and low cost way to feed a baby.

5 Ways of Parenting a Green Baby
Cloth diapers. At first it can seem rather tiring and exhausting. But once you get a hang of it, you’ll discover how easy and, what’s more important, green it is. Besides, such diapers will eliminate hundreds of disposals diapers and save parentsa fortune.

Make organicfood at home. Organic homemade meals are the most useful, healthiest and the least wasteful to raise agreen baby. They are also full of vitamins and minerals. Even if you store them with bought food, there’s no competition for the homemade one.

Way #2 Chooseeco-friendly toys

5 Ways of Parenting a Green Baby
Materials are important. Plastic toys which are the most commonly sold toys for kids are full of different harmful chemicals which you won’t want your baby to chew on. Green parentsshould limit purchases of plastic toys and look for eco-friendly ones made of wool, recycled plastics or sustainable sourced wood.

Avoid dangers and watch packaging. Note that toys for your green baby are free from lead, PVC, BPA and phthalates. Consider green packaging: is it reusable, recyclable, or necessary?

Limit the purchase of new toys. Sometimes babies are entertained by playing with a spoon, or a pet. Look around and see whether there are some things which can be played with. If your kid is a bit grown up, try to make toys together. Doing this activity you will have fun, become even closer, and share many things. You might also find out something new about your child.

Way #3 Purchasegreen babyclothing

5 Ways of Parenting a Green Baby
Avoid conventional cotton. It’s grown with pesticides. Greenparentswon’t like their baby’s skin to be exposed to chemicals accumulated during the cotton processing period.

Chooseorganiccotton. It requires less irrigation, builds better soil, keeps chemicals out of water and promotes healthy farming. Naturaleco-friendly plant based dyes for clothing can also be a good option.

Way #4 Create agreen babyroom

5 Ways of Parenting a Green Baby
It is easy to make a safe and non-toxic room for your baby. There are many organic choices on the market. You just have to follow some steps:

Choose organic and natural floor coverings. Try throw rugs and non-toxic carpets.

Paint the walls with eco-friendly paints for decorating baby's nursery..

Purchase refurbished or old furniture which you can restore with your own hands. Don’t forget about non-toxic mattress for child’s bed or crib.

Buy energy saving light bulbs.

Way #5 Choose non-toxic skin care and bath products for your child

5 Ways of Parenting a Green Baby
Buy safe and non-toxic products for baby skin care and bath. Earth Mama Angel Baby, BabyEarth are among trusted companies on the market. Aveeno has a new line of Aveeno ORGANIC HARVEST collection.

Avoid chemicals, fake colors and risks. Pay closer attention to the most known baby bath products:

Johnson’s Baby Baby Lotion. Despite the ads, it can cause allergies, toxicity, lots of irritations and biochemical changes in the body.

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Baby Bath The ingredients of this product can cause multiple toxicities, allergies and irritation. Besides, the product was tested on animals.