Attachment Parenting and Work 5 things that will help you

Often a mother has to go to work, despite the fact that her kid is not even three years old. How to keep a close attachment parenting ? How to prepare both of you for it, as working mothers often feel a separation and guilt about their child.

First, you shouldn`t blame yourself because you are not guilty. A mother should simply enjoy every minute spent with her baby. This makes relationships between a mother and a child more valuable.

1. Difficult choice. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

Before you decide to go to work you should weigh all the "pros" and "cons." The thoughts like "Is my work worth having the lack of my warmth and care?" or "Isn`t it the same as giving up my child, even though for a while?" These questions always flash through the mother`s head. Of course, the best thing is if the mother stays with the child until he or she becomes independent. However, in real life a few people manage to achieve it. First of all, calculate and forecast: on the one hand, how much you earn at your work; and on the other hand, how much you will need to pay for the child's care, taxes, and the most important, the moral condition of both your child and you.

2. Flexible work hours.

If you have to look for a job or return to your previous workplace, try to find a work with flexible work hours or negotiate part-time employment. This will allow you to spend more time with your baby.

3. Quality pastime with a child.

Try to spend as much time as possible with your baby. Remember, not only time but also quality is important. There are moms who sit with their children at home, but they spend too little time with them. But for you, as a working mother, the free time you may spend with the child is simply priceless. So try to plan everything in advance: what to do, where to go and what to tell your baby. Use every moment to please your child and teach him something.

4. Shorten the distance as much as possible.
Attachment Parenting and Work 5 things that will help you

What can bring you closer to the child? If there is a question about choosing the location of work, then try to choose the closest one from your home, it will cut your commute time. But the best option for a mother of a little baby is work from home or any home business. Under this alternative, plan your time accordingly to keep up with your work, because baby care and the relationships with him/her take most of the time. Find an assistant; she will take a walk with the baby, while you work.

5. Find the best baby care.

Working mothers have to ask for help in looking after their baby. There are several ways with whom and how to leave the baby.
Family supervision.While being absent, a mother is substituted by dad, grandma or grandpa, or other family members. In this case, the child calms down quickly, because he has got used to some relative and familiar people and you can easily trust your child to the relatives.
Attachment Parenting and Work 5 things that will help you
Mutual friend assistance.If you have friends with the kids of the same age, you can agree on some schedule arrangements, as to sit with the kids in turns. It is very convenient, especially if you're familiar with and accept their methods of children education.
A qualified babysitter.You need to select a good, qualified person. Of course, you will always doubt, even if a nanny has got nice recommendations. However, your child`s attitude to a babysitter will tell the truth at once. Just watch carefully how your child reacts to a new woman/man.
Nursery.In the nursery there is a group for children under the age of 3. Caregivers watch and look after them. However, children at this age require very much care, and there is often not enough staff and too many children. Therefore, different infectious diseases are a very common in all kindergartens.