5 month baby development what to do and how to play

5 month baby development is characterized by great changes in its life. Day after day the baby becomes more active. Lying down is too boring for it. The world opens up before the child, as it possesses many skills at this month. These skills will help it explore everything around. The baby`s legs and arms become stronger and more accurate. It learns to control the body.

5 month babydevelopment, or what is it to learn

Every day the baby’s motion activity evolves. Its movements become more coordinated. The visual system of the baby has undergone great changes up to the fifth month of its life. Formerly, the baby saw objects at the distance of 30 - 40 cm. Now, the muscles of its eyes have learned to focus on distant and close ranges. The world is gradually opening up to the baby. Now your kid begins to notice details. He or she sees an object, grabs it and tries to taste it. Then, they throw it and switch over to another object. Through this, they gain new knowledge of what is going on around them.

At 5 months of age, the baby is learning to control its body all the time. Dress the child in minimum clothes and put him or her on their stomach on to a hard surface. Let it move as much as possible. This strengthens the muscles of their legs, arms and back. By the end of the fifth month, the baby will be able to raise itself on its palms when lying on its tummy. A baby`s constant desire to move is represented in the turning from their back to their side and from their side to their belly. Some very active kids may even learn to sit at such an early age. Physical development of the child matches its emotional development. The desire to discover the surrounding world makes the child more active.

Attention! Parents, be cautiousabout leaving the baby unattended on open high surfaces. The child has already entered the period of high physical activity. Therefore, your baby`s active movement and turns can lead to a fall and an injury.

The development of a 5 month babyis characterized by the more complex emotional development. Now, the kid displays not only a smile or a cry, but it also demonstrates curiosity, boredom, fear, and other emotions. Remember that the nervous system of the child is still weak, so don`t overdo it with entertainment because the child can overstrain themselves too quickly. That`s why the child laughs happily and then, after a few seconds, bursts into tears. This also happens when the child wants to sleep, but it can`t fall asleep, and cries because its mind is overloaded with discovery and overexcitement.

At 5 months of development, the child constantly utters different sounds. A baby likes it when someone is talking to him or her. It hasn`t yet mastered the control of the lips and the tongue, so sounds are more of a guttural origin. Nevertheless, the baby desires to imitate adults and keeps repeating syllables and vowels.

5 month babydevelopment: its own or someone else`s

At 5 months of development, the child gains a very useful skill to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar people. The baby has already learned and recognized family members and people that he or she sees around every day. But, if a strange person appeared near the baby, it would keep a low profile and examine the stranger.

5-month babydevelopment game and useful lessons

The baby takes interest in different things, so try to show them as many things as possible. Hang up toys that have different shapes and colors so that the baby would be happy to try to reach them.

Give your child an unbreakable mirror. The baby would enjoy seeing its own face very much.

Supporting the baby with your arms, lead it to a solid surface. He or she would be happy to take small steps. It is good to lay out a few toys in front of the baby. Then, it will try to bend down and grab them. But do not get the baby too involved in walking, as the baby`s spine is not yet ready for the body`s load.

Massage the back, tummy, legs and arms.

Dance to nice rhythmic music with your baby.

Sing happy songs to the child and let it listen to different music, preferably adapted for kids.

Encourage the baby's motor activity. Place various interesting things aroundto make it try to reach them by turning and moving.

5 month baby development is the transitional stage from an observer to an active researcher. This period will bring you and your child many happy discoveries.