4 Month baby development, skills and games

The 4th monthof baby's lifehas come.With each passing day your childbecomes moreemotional andlearns about himself and the world that surrounds him.Your babyis trying totoucheverything that comesinto his hands,includinghis ownhands, legsor face. His tactile development stage has begun.Now he willlearn about the worldnot onlythrough visionand hearing.

The childtoucheshis face,finds his nose, mouthand eyes with great interest.Hepulls hisfingers.All these actions are expected when baby islearning about himself.Baby does not knowyet why he needs an eyes andwhy he needs a mouth., He is trying totouch the surrounding objects and learn with great interest.The childsmilesa lotand actively makes differentsounds.

Baby development duringthe 4th monthof life.

Your baby can turnfrom the back to theside and from the side to his back.Some activebabiescan roll overfrom back totummy.Your childmight already try toget upfrom his back,lifting the head and shoulders.Heresponds wellto stimulus.He recognizes his parents and can recognize relatives or a stranger.The mostwonderfulthing is thathe smilesa lot andhe does it consciously.The child canwatchthe object closely, and when itdisappears he is waiting forthe object to return.He grabsthe object he sees in front of him with twohands.If youwill hang upthe jingling object in front ofa child, hewill touch it accidentallyat first, but ifhe willlike the sound he willtouchit again and againto hear it jingle.This is the beginningof child’s interaction with the surrounding worldin order to learn, develop and grow.

Useful Skills

Daily baby development is very important. Let your childcoordinate his movements as precisely as possible. You can hanga musical carousel mobile over yourbaby’s crib orput him on the educational matwith hangers.Also, youcanattachbellsto hissocks andhewillcatch hislegswith his hands with amusement.

Talk toyour babyas often as possible.This is a good activityfor children of anyage.The moreyou talk tothe baby the more hedevelops his intellectual skills and grasping powers.

Show pictures to your child. Babies are born with the skills and desire to learn. Use it, show himcolorful picturesof animals orlet himwatch apetifyou have one.

Games for your baby

During this periodof child’s developmentgames are mainly aimed at histactile perception.You canprepareseveral materials with different characteristics, such asrustlingpaper, a plasticbag,a piece ofvelvet orfluffy fur and giveall these object to your child to touchone by one.Make sure he will not put them into his mouth.

The baby will love to look at your face Put thebaby on thetable, lean towards him and let him touchyour face and hair.When he touchesanypart of your face,clearlyname it.Then findthe samepart of the baby’s face and touch it together.

During bath time, make up asong aboutthe different partsof the body andsingit to your baby.For example, "Where are ourhands?Where are ourhands?Oh, here are ourhands!Here are ourhands,wonderful hands!..." Andso on.The main thing isto repeat thekeywords as often aspossible, and the child will gradually start to associate them withobjectswhich theyname.


During the 4th monthof life the childsleeps for about 17hours a day.The remaining 7 hours heeats, plays, etc.

The daily scheduleof the childdepends on variousfactors. Most childrenwake up earlyaround6 am, but some childrenhave a longernight’s sleep,andthey wake upat 7or 8 am.

The averageintervalsbetween feedingsare 3½ to 4hours. Accordingly,there are 6feedings in one day. However, this isaverage data. Each babyeatsdifferently andeach mother’s milkfat content is unique,so somechildren demandfoodin 3 hours while otherscan tolerate a 4to4½ hours break between feedings.

Baby bath timeshouldnot be late.It is better toteach a child totake a bathat certain time, for example,sometime between 7 pm and 9pm.

Allow10minutesto massagethe child. The massage can be doneafter bath time.It strengthens muscles andimproves blood circulation.

Walk time.Walkwith your childas much as possible,at least 2 hoursa day.Let the childsleepoutdoors. Itmakeshisimmune system stronger.