10 Commandments of Effective Parenting Development 3-year-old

Your baby is already three years old. He can speak and build sentences well. He is already able to explain you everything and understands most of what you tell him. Your baby shows independence, he already has his own opinion in some situations. Your child's emotional development gets to another level; he starts to feel other people's moods. Sometimes his self-assertion may cause whims and dissatisfaction with parents or other people. Day by day your baby's nervous system undergoes larger and larger development.

1. Let your child be more independent

Your baby wants to do everything by himself. Encourage his aspirations. He is already able to do some things by himself. For example, he can dress and undress, do buttons and snap fasteners up. He can play by himself longer.He can draw and paint pictures by himself. He observes and copies his parents' behavior.

2. Always answer all your child's questions

A three year old child turns into a why-boy. He has already obtained speaking skills and now uses them with a great pleasure by asking questions and attentively listening to answers. Always answer your baby's questions it stimulates curiosity and interest. You will probably have to recall some facts from different fields of your knowledge. You must be ready for such questions as: “Why does the wind blow?... Why is the sky blue?... Why do birds fly, but people don't?... etc.”. Questions may be absolutely unexpected, and if you don't know the answer, don't lie or make anything up, leading your child astray. Just tell him that you can't answer his question right now, but you will explain it later. Always keep your promise.

3. Encourage role-playing games with other children

10 Commandments of Effective Parenting Development 3-year-old
At the age of three a child starts being socially active. His games become more practical. During their games children imitate their parents, brothers or sisters. They are very interested in how people differ from each other professionally. It is good to play “shopping”, “doctor”, “driver” or “restaurant” with your child. Such games broaden your child's mental outlook and get him acquainted with the surrounding world.

4. Develop creativity

10 Commandments of Effective Parenting Development 3-year-old
A child is keen on such activities where he can show his creativity. They develop his artistic side and introduce him to art. Sing and dance with your child. Let him listen to different music and play musical instruments. Drawing develops your child's image memory. Modeling stimulates the development of sensory motor skills. Collecting puzzles trains visual perception and logical thinking. Show different masterpieces of Art to the child to form his esthetic taste.

5. Read to your child as much as possible

Reading books enlarges your child's vocabulary. It teaches him how to build sentences correctly and broadens his mental outlook. That is why be serious when choosing books you are going to read to your baby. They must be interesting for listening and useful for getting knowledge.

6. Keep your child busy with outdoor games

10 Commandments of Effective Parenting Development 3-year-old
Three year old children are a ball of fire. Sometimes they seem to be an inexhaustible source of energy that is why it is necessary to channel it. Choose active games.Play gymnastic games with your child. Outdoor games will increase his immunity, dancing will help him to feel the rhythm.

7. Don't pay much attention to your child's whims

This age is characterized by instability of mood, obstinacy and rejection. You will have to cope with that, just treat your child with love and respect, trying not to express aggression if he does something wrong. Don't yield to the child's whims and fits of hysteria, and he will gradually get rid of them.

8. Provide your child with new impressions

New positive impressions are always a plus for child development . Visiting friends or new playground, puppet theatre or circus will give him a lot of new interesting impressions. Furthermore, he will greatly enrich his knowledge about the surrounding world.

9. Mind what you say

Children imitate their parents. They learn how to speak by listening and repeating others. This is why mind your vocabulary, if you don't want your three year old baby to use taboo words. What should you do, if the child is using bad language? First of all, don't react violently both laughter and active negative emotions may cause the effect of encouraging. Try to explain your child calmly and clearly that educated people who respect themselves never talk like that.

10. Communicate with your child as much as possible

The more you talk with your child , the better. Through communication you will pass your experience and knowledge in various spheres to the child. That will help the child to adapt to our complicated world much faster.