10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Helping an 8 Year Old

When the child becomes 8, a lot of things have already changed in his/herpsychologyand world view. Yet, their behavior remains responsive to the environment, and, therefore, still unstable. However, an8 year oldhas a better understanding of the situation and better verbal skills to manage difficulties. On the other hand, thedevelopment of children in this age leads to a new stage in self awareness the child becomes aware of himself as a member of a group.

1. Think before you say.

Each word from an adult is a means of child’s cognitive and emotional development. That is, when you say: “You’re no good” or something like that, the child takes it literally. A few poorly thought words can destroy the life of another human being.

2. Spend time with children.

In their teens, you will hardly be able to have a good conversation with your kids, especially if you do not have time for this now. On the other hand, do not talk all the time, giving advice ad instructions, rather listen attentively and do not interrupt. There may be things you never knew about your 8 year olds.

3. Teach them housework.

Though often neglected, it is an essential part of psychosocialdevelopment of children they learn cooperating and caring about others. However, avoid loading the child with hard work children are not slaves. The best thing is working together.

4. Tell them about sex.

Not everything, of course, and not when YOU want to talk. If an8 year oldasks you about sex organs, tell them the true names. Explain that nobody can touch their genitals, but for certain cases (a doctor when parents are present). Do not giggle or get embarrassed speaking about sex in this way you will help them form what is considered normal sexual behavior.

5. Control the quantity and quality of entertainment.

It particularly considers TV and Internet. If you make up clear rules, check the sites and TV programs kids can watch and stick to the rules yourself, you won’t catch your child red handed at watching pornography.

6. Praise the kids.

If you do not want to know what abnormal psychology is, say good things about your children to them and to others. After all, children are the fruit of YOUR efforts and humiliating them you actually confirm your own inefficiency. The appraisal must be deserved.

7. Let children have secrets and relative intimacy.

10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Helping an 8 Year Old

In this age the psychosocialdevelopment of children demands that they try life without parents’ control. This is normal, and exactly this is the reason for children’s secret societies and companies and hiding in self-built houses. It’s ok if an8 year oldboy keeps silent when you ask him about his friends and games. Do not torture him. Sooner or later he will come up to you and ask a question that will let you see the matter.

8. Cope with the rebels.

A rebellion is an improved version of a tantrum during “terrible twos and threes”. And it needs an improved reaction: do not argue with the child, do not make him think as you do it’s all in vain. It is wiser to be consistent and explain to your child all the rules again.

9. Watch yourself.

The reason for rebellion may lay in parents’ divorce, the death of one of them or other close people, your prolonged depression. The kid may simply not know how to deal with his frustration, or need more attention. Remember: you kid is 8 years old, and his/herpsychologyis not so mature as yours.

10. Help them use conscience.

10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Helping an 8 Year Old
In fact, kids don’t know what it is, but we’re born with conscience and bring it up according to moral principles. Once you’ve taught them morals, teach them to react to remorse of conscience adequately.

To raise your8 year old, simply respond with understanding to this new stage in thedevelopment of children.