10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Enjoying a 5 Year Old

Why enjoying? The social emotional development of childrenat this age includes imaginative play and a lot of humor. On the other hand, a 5 year oldadolescent experiences the so-called crisis of age, in fact, the end of this unpleasant period. But you’re good parents and want the child to be healthy physically and psychologically, here the steps you need to follow:

1. Be moderate and patient.

It is time to get to know your kid and get him/her acquainted within our world. You are the “mediator” between your child and the world. Show the kid good sides of the world and teach them to cope with the problems, but let them know about their own imperfections very positively.

2. Do not blackmail children.

A5 year oldchild wants fun and friends, and you want him to read a book. To make him stay, saying: “I tried so hard I paid so much for the bookand how dare you leave now?!” A disaster for the child’spsychology. Instead, be ready to compromise when it is appropriate and find the solution that works for both of you. For example, first explain why child needs to read a book, and then talk about reward.

3. Let 5 year olds tell you stories.

Don’t worry, if your child has a favorite book and retells the story by heart, even turning the page at the right time! It doesn’t mean the kid is lazy it’s a training of memory. Listen to them as long as they want you to.

4. Encourage role-play.

The psychologicaldevelopment of children presupposes trying on new social roles and modeling different scenes at the doctor’s office, at the market, etc. Such games can predispose the future occupation.

5. Give them simple things to play with.

Developmentalpsychologyresearch shows that 4-5 year olds play to develop imagination and to learn from each game. This is essential for abstract thinking and cognitivedevelopment of children. A child with a good imagination will have more chances to get higher education than the one who could read at the age of 4. (This does not mean you shouldn’t teach5 year oldchildren to read).

6. Let them draw.

10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Enjoying a 5 Year Old
Sometimes a kid may not express his fears and worries in words. Drawing is a good alternative. You can show the pictures to a child psychologist they know how to read them.

7. Be ready for tricky questions

(about fairies, Santa, sex and marriage, death and the beginning of the Universe).

At this development stage parents can earn credit or lose it. So be honest with children and be brief, without any unnecessary details.

8. Do not deliberately evoke jealousy.

The crisis of 3-5 years encompasses the unconscious jealousy a boy may become furious when he sees his father kiss or hug his mother. A little girl can wake up in the middle of the night and go to her parents’ bed because she doesn’t want them to be together subconsciously. Don’t get annoyed at the kids, simply take them back to their beds, or don’t show your feelings in front of 5 year olds. Jealousy, if not accented, will soon disappear as a stage in child'spsychologydevelopment .

9. Watch their sexual behavior.

Adolescents often play with their genitals it’s not indecent for them unless you state the opposite. But there are forms of inappropriate behavior that reveal a problem in child psychology or environment. Children can start masturbating because an older kid or an adult forced or abused them, or because they are upset and do it unconsciously. Do not shame or blame the child. If you cannot deal with the problem, address it to a psychologist.

10. Let them have imaginative friends for a while.

10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Enjoying a 5 Year Old
Most parents think there’s something wrong with their5 year old, if she/he talks to an invisible friend. But it is a normal stage in the development of children. The friend will disappear as the child grows. But if you see that “Drop Dead Fred” is your child’s only friend, help him/her find real friends., Go for a walk, talk to the kid, read books, find something that will be interesting and exciting for your child. If problem does not disappear then consult a good professional in child psychology.

Sticking to these simple rules will add to your joy of raising a5 year old.