10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Coping with a 4-year-old

This is a peculiar age, when the development of childrengets very fast and quite in a different way than it was before. This stage means the rapid growth of imagination, conscience, communicative skills, and a stormy desire to know everything such is the view of developmental.

1. Develop the kid’s personality.

You can do it only during the first 5 years of life. Then you have only a year or so left to bring up the understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Strive to contribute to the development of children and their psychology .

2. Teach them empathy.

This means understanding emotions and feelings of other people and reacting to them. 4 year old children develop empathy rapidly. The thing is, they don’t know what to do with their new feelings. That’s why a 4 year old Johnny can hit his playmate Larry in the stomach when the latter says “I’ve got a stomachache”. It is simply because Johnny feels frustrated he knows how bad stomachache can be, and reacts aggressively. He hits the ache, not Larry. Your task is to teach Johnny reacting properly.

3. Be consistent.

Your “no” must be “no”. Even if there are other people present or you’re in a good mood, don’t change the rules of behavior for your kid. Otherwise, you risk being manipulated for the next 14 years. On the other hand, you must never punish the kid so that it humiliates him/her, or in public. Children should know you respect their dignity.

4. Repeat your directions.

Do not think that a4 year oldalways listens to adults attentively just because they have something important to say. She/he hasn’t got the slightest idea of what is to their good and forgets the thing in a few seconds. Sometimes the kid will need thousands of repetitions. Be patient, and say what you want the kid (not) to do in a firm, calm voice.

5. Do not limit their imagination.

10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Coping with a 4-year-old
A stage of a4 year oldis one of the most active child development stages your child will make up new stories (sometimes really stupid), new games. Do not say “this is a car, not a giraffe”, when your kid has his own point of view.

6. Listen.

This is an important constituent of the emotional development of children. A 4 year old bursts out talking, and wants the response badly. Sometimes the language can be provoking, and if a grown-up ignores it, the results may be disastrous, as the child psychology teaches.

7. Laugh with the kids.

Tell or read them simple jokes, riddles, etc. Experiment with funny stories - the sense of humor begins to develop right at this stage in the development of children.

8. Teach them sociability.

10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Coping with a 4-year-old
4 year olds should play with other age-matched children. In this way they can learn cooperation and please their wish for exploring new things. Children can also master communicative skills with those who understand them pretty well their peers.

9. Don’t make children do anything for more than 10-15 minutes.

Four year olds cannot concentrate longer on anything. So don’t think that your little girl doesn’t love you, because she’s switched to a cat from the awesome doll you’ve just bought for her. It’s only a stage in thedevelopment of children.

10. React to tantrums properly.

10 Commandments of Effective Parenthood Coping with a 4-year-old
This may be really hard to do, but keep in mind that children aged 2 and more just experiment to see how far they can go beyond the limits. It has nothing to do with the real needs of the toddlers. So, do not go to extremes, like beating a child or giving in. Just wait until the kid calms down, and then talk calmly and seriously. Equipped with child'spsychologyknowledge, you’ll fight tantrums.

In fact, it’s your reacting to thedevelopment of childrenthat matters. There is a lot more for good parents to do , but the main principle is: behave the way you want your child to behave. Usually they will follow the example at least when they are 4.